Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio

Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio is a space for people of all walks of life to find a release from our hectic day-to-day life. At Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio, our goal is for each person that walks through our doors to walk out lighter, more grounded, and more aligned. Our belief is that yoga poses do not have alignments, but rather, people do. We want to help guide you in not only finding your alignment, but then remaining in your alignment. After a session at Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio, you will walk out our doors empowered and ready to tackle the world! Come join a diverse community to share space with, laugh, network, and of course, sweat!This will be a space for updates and flyers of my classes at Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio.

Bee Easy.

To register and for class schedules, follow the link below.

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