About Me

For those who do not know me personally, I am Brittany. I have a million and one nicknames, but we will stick with Brittany for now. Jade is my middle name, hence Jaded Wisdom. And there is Woods, my last name, which I credit for my love for all things nature and outdoors.

I really struggled with how I wanted to describe myself, but I think with the progression of this blog, you will get a better idea of who I am. In all honesty, I gain a better understanding of who I am every single day, because I believe we are ever changing, ever growing creatures. But in short, I am equal parts DMV, holistic, unabashed, eccentric, with the mouth of a sailor and a splash of passion to change the world #AquariusGang

I have wanted to blog for some time, and that combined with some really important people in my life encouraging me to finally launch one was the push for me to put myself out there. Over these last 24 years, I have been through an interesting series of experiences which have equipped me with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. I have always been the “wise” or “old soul” in the group, so it only felt right to begin sharing it all with a wider audience. My goal is to create a space where I share some of the life lessons I have learned throughout this journey, which I hope you all will be able to apply to your own life in some capacity.

Thank you for stumbling across this space, and I hope it provides clarity, motivation, some laughter, but most importantly, optimism throughout your own unique journey called life.

Bee easy,