Post Aruba and Beyond…

Whew!!! That is the best way to describe the last two weeks.

A week ago I was flying back from Aruba, after spending the last 9 days as a yoga coach for FOCUS Aruba, a self mastery retreat through Beautiful Men and Women, Inc. It was a beautiful opportunity that stretched me in so many ways, but also made me very prepared to to tackle the million and one endeavors I have laid out.

I shattered a lot of self doubt that week. It hadn’t even been three weeks since I finished my yoga instructor certification, and there I was at a self mastery retreat, outside the country, teaching yoga to a group of strangers who would become more like family on the beautiful beaches of Aruba each morning. Everyone there can co-sign that I DID THE DAMN THING. I could go on and on about the experience that opportunity afforded me, but holding space for others as they had physical, mental, emotional, and at times, spiritual breakthroughs was that most impactful. THAT is the kind of work I live for, THAT is what my purpose is — and it feels so good to be doing THAT. There are no words to describe what it feels like to be fully walking in my alignment, to be living out my purpose.

To keep the momentum going, it was only right to kick off the launch of my own yoga studio, Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio in Clinton, Maryland. That was Saturday morning and it was a complete success! Beginning this week, this whole yoga thang will be in full swing, where I will be teaching 8 yoga classes a week and 3 meditation classes. My Uncle said something powerful to me on the beach of Aruba one morning, “you will always have a job, because you love what I do.”

My Uncle is right. Sure this is work, there are long days, loads of sacrifices, and so much that goes on behind the scenes that clients would never even imagine, but I ABSOLUTELY love what I am doing. I love assisting in people’s healing and growth process. I love knowing that having just one session with me, or simply having a conversation with me can make a lasting impression on an individual’s wellbeing. THAT is the work I live for.

Check the yoga tab for updates on my classes. I hope to see some of you there!

P.S. I did an amazing interview with Gary Johnson, owner and founder of Black Men in, premier online magazine following the kick-off of Jaded Wisdom Yoga Studio. Below is the link, check it out!

Jaded Wisdom: An Interview with Brittany Woods

Bee Easy,