11:11 – New Beginnings

Where do I start? I would say my wellness journey began at about 17 years old. That is when my mind (or third eye) really began to open up; when I began to ask questions that made folks uncomfortable, when I really began to wonder “why are any of us even here, is there any purpose to our days?”

In between me being philosophical or pessimistic, I was busy juggling the workload of a busy teenager, all while partying every weekend, literally doing shit you see out of movies. That unhealthy balanced continued for the next 5 or so years, and only came to a screeching halt because I had a couple brushes with death. That downfall however was the makings of my comeback. The irony about me now following a plant based diet, practicing crystal healing, waking up at 5am to meditate and practice my asana . . . is that had I not been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer last February, I probably would have stayed on the same bullshit I had been on. Cancer was the catalyst for me to do a complete overhaul and really starting leading the life I knew was intended for me at 17. And for the record, I still have fun, I still party, but I have struck a balance where that does not lead me, instead, my soul purpose is what leads me.

I guess this is my disclaimer that I KNOW and have LIVED through how hard it is to turn your life around. I have regressed SO MANY times, fell back into unhealthy relationships, toxic habits and coping mechanisms, and and have been riddled in self doubt, questioning why I am even trying to change in the first place. However, I have also experienced how powerful our mind is, how inherently resilient we are, how consistency and patience with ourselves pays off, and most importantly, how gratifying it feels to achieve something you had no idea was even feasible.

So here is to new beginnings you beautiful people. Anything is possible, you are limitless, it all begins with taking that first step.

Bee easy.